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Error after upgrade (!?)

While trying to upgrade to 7.6.4, I received an error and although i should have known better, I tried to tinker my out of my problem.


I browsed the forums a little bit trying to fix my "DISABLED" problem, but when i try to run amp_enable, all i get is this:


[root@airwave mercury]# amp_enable
-bash: enable_amp: command not found
svn: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy


I'm fairly lost at the moment.

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Re: Error after upgrade (!?)

Do the following :
# amp_enable -now
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI

Re: Error after upgrade (!?)

You might also try this command:


 # /usr/local/airwave/bin/enable_amp


But I suspect there was some kind of failure during the upgrade, and this won't work either.  If that's right, I'd recommend contacting support asap.  They will want to see the upgrade log from the /var/log/upgrade/ directory and should be able to help you with this fairly quickly.

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Re: Error after upgrade (!?)

My support contract recently ran out and a renewal was not budgeted for me.  That's why I landed here and I have been scouring these boards looking for a similar issue.


Trying to use that command manually gave the same result.  


Without a support contract, I may be stuck with a bum machine right now.  I'm not expecting anyone to know how but I do wonder if it is possible to export the database that makes up our building plans and configurations and then import that into a new install.




Re: Error after upgrade (!?)

Be sure to grab all the backups from /var/airwave-backup/.  This will have all the collected data plus the VisualRF data.  When you restore it to a new AMP server, you'll have to make sure you're restoring on the same software version.  Hopefully your backups will still be good from before the upgrade attempt.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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