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Expanding Switch Ports from a RAP-155 to perform 802.1x


I have a deployment based on RAP to provide connectivity to teleworkers and/or small offices.

At this time, I'm only looking at wired connectivity through the RAP using 802.1 x authentications.

So far, the only way I found to increase the switch ports without adding an additional switch which would require configuration is using a small dlinkgo which is an unmanaged switch.

I tried with a Juniper EX switch but I had to fully configure 802.1x authentication on the switch and also remove of of the switch ports of the RAP to be able to communication which I really don’t like. This environment is going to be hosted in an untrusted office so security is a must

Anyone has a better recommendation to be able to expand the ports better than just adding this type of hardware?



Re: Expanding Switch Ports from a RAP-155 to perform 802.1x

If you are just using wired ports for access, you might want to consider our Mobility Access Switch with our 7.4 code.  In that code, we are able to build a VPN tunnel (like the RAP) and also provide other services like NAT, DHCP, policy based routing, etc... 


See here for more info:







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Re: Expanding Switch Ports from a RAP-155 to perform 802.1x

My kudos to all of have send me recommendations for my deployment.
This forum is a great source of knowledge and people are very willing to help.
In my opinion, Aruba switch is the best option for this particular case, it is not applicable in my context but technically fits.
I will start with an in managed switch and introduce in our the roadmap this solution

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