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Extending controller ports using switch on VLAN



I have a 2400 series Mobility Controller and have a switch directly connected to the controller to connect more AP's.


Now I want to add the Aruba AP network (untagged VLAN 10) to a VLAN to easly manage it. I want (configuration 1):


Internet->Local Netwerk->Aruba controller->Port on main switch with VLAN 50 untagged) connected on controller port used for AP's (untagged VLAN 10)->Aruba Switch (simple PoE swith)


I have (configuration 2):


Internet->Local Netwerk->Aruba controller->Aruba Switch (simple PoE swith)



For the moment, VLAN 50 has only one untagged port (the link to the controller), so isolated, also not configured in a trunk.


In configuration 1, when I connect a port on VLAN 10 (untagged) on the controller to the main switch on the port with VLAN 50 untagged, I lose access to the controller (ping/web) and also lose wireless access on the AP's directly connected to the controller. Unplugging the conneciton from the main switch makes everything work again. Connecting/deconnecting the uplink to the aruba switch (extension) doesn't change anything.


What is there happening?



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Re: Extending controller ports using switch on VLAN

The untagged VLANS must match...


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Re: Extending controller ports using switch on VLAN

I think I see what you're saying.


Yeah, you'll lose comms to it if you do that. This is because the controller will use the same mac on different VLANs, which is confusing your switch if you plug both connections into the same internal network.


You don't say why you're trying to achieve this, but another slightly more creative option might be available.


Assuming the controller has an IP address on VLAN 50 (your LAN) already, why not setup IP routes on whatever your VLAN 50 router is, to the VLAN 10 subnet, via a next hop of the controller VLAN 50 IP address?


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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