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Extending wireless network

Hi Guys,


I"m new to the Aruba product line, wondering if it would be possible to use an MST200 to extend a wireless network to cover an outdoor area that I could bridge/mesh to say a 270 series AP? 


I'm trying to avoid the cost of running fiber to a pole that the AP would be mounted at the top of to get coverage of an outdoor area.


If this is possible, what are the caveats, such as loss of signal if using existing antennas to backhaul to the MST200.


If it isn't possible, can anyone suggest an alternative solution?


Thanks in advance

Re: Extending wireless network

What are you using for your existing campus WLAN? If you are using Instant or ArubaOS, you can use a pair of MST200s to extend the campus WLAN to an AP/IAP-27x to do dual-band client access (though you will be limited to the 11n mesh speeds on your 11ac remote AP.


If you have AP/IAPs already, you could use a pair of AP/IAP-27x to extend the campus WLAN using the same OS you are using now and maintain the 11ac throughput over the mesh link. It really just depends on what you have now and what you require on the far end.


However, AP/IAP do not talk directly to MSR/MST. Separate OSes and separate radio communications.

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Aruba Employee

Re: Extending wireless network

Thanks Jerrod,


Currently it's a 3rd party wireless solution but going forward Aruba is the preferred option. 


I found Aruba have partnered with TE Connectivity to provide a powered fiber solution so I'll look into the cost of both.


Appreciate you help.



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