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Hello everyone

I was wondering what kind of extra device configuration you recommend to the client they should do in their laptops, or mobilde devices?


As far what i do just for now is

1-Advice them they should have the lastest firmware of their wireless Drivers

2-Use the native client of windows for wireless configuration(802.1x for example) some of them got this desactivated and using for example dells wireless manager which sometimes give you problem plus you cant distribute them through GPO

3-Turn off the power safe or the sleeping mode of the wireless card when performance is more importanrt than battery...

4-Show them the list of tested wireless card from Aruba so they can take that in their mind when buying new laptops.


Now i ll like to add
 802.11h support which will help a lot but not all the wireless cards likes that... so its kind of hard... guess i could ask the client if their wireless cards suppport 802.11h but that could be a lot of work for him so i have not used this one yet...


Any other things i should add? i would like to have like a list of recommendation for mobile devices for the client. it would be really useful, i think




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Re: Extra Device configuration

Those are the big ones.  The VRD for Roaming Devices on the page here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/technology/reference-design-guides/ also has good ideas.


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