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FQDN of Controllers

We're going to put new 7220 in production configured with centralized licensing and VRRP, my question is 


After failover to the secondary, would the secondary controller assumes the fqdn of the primary during failover?

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Re: FQDN of Controllers

It does not.


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Re: FQDN of Controllers

Thats what I thought, so after the failover to secondary the fqdn is the secondary controller correct?

Also does the VIP play a part in this? Our VIP is the aruba master DNS entry.

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Re: FQDN of Controllers

It sounds like you statically set a DNS record called 'aruba-master' which maps to the VRRP address.  If so, yes - you're connecting the the secondary controller if the primary controller fails.


When you setup VRRP, you're going to have 3 IPs total (at least):  1 unique IP for each master and the shared VRRP (VIP) address.  You've alreadey setup a DNS entry for  the VIP so I'd setup 2 other DNS addresses that map to the unique IPs on each master.  This way you can reach both controllers via DNS, regardless of who is VRRP master.

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