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Facebook Guest configuration

Guys, please, help me. I was using Guest Facebook Login, on IAP 205H, but for some reason it stop to work. I check firewall rules and everything is working. I deleted the SSID with Facebook portal Guest and create a new one, but on security page the facebook associantion settings is unavailable. Someone have seen this before ? Silvio Pinheiro

Re: Facebook Guest configuration

Hi Silvio,



have you tried to go to the next tab "Access", set it up to "Unrestricted", click "Finish" and come back to the profile and check if the facebook configuration is available? 


Otherwise, can you give us more information? Which version of code are you running?



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Re: Facebook Guest configuration

Hi Borja,

This issue was fixed !
The IAP management network haven't a rule allowing traffic to Internet. I requested to the customer create a rule allowing this kind of traffic. After this setting was possible settting up the Facebook login on IAP.
Thanks for your attention !



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