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Folder Report Generation

First, I'm running version 7.5.6 on the Cent0S 5 version that was last released if this matters or not.


Anyone had any luck generating report summaries based on folders?  Let me explain a little deeper.   I have Folder groups based on buildings.  I'd like to create a client summary for a specific SSID based on multiple Folders broken down by the folder, not the devices within, so for instance if I have Folders titled Building A and Building B, I would like to Have a report summary showing:

Top > Building A     ssid:BLABLA   total clients: 33333  Max concurrent polled clients:  444444

Top > Building B    ssid:BLABLA   total clients: 22222  Max concurrent polled clients:  55555


Forgive the layout, but just wanted to show the general idea.   I've been able to do custom reports, but all I can seem to get is a breakdown by device, then by folder and so on.  So I'll have multiple results for the same folder in the report, and the various devices within, such as:

Device A          Top > Building A     ssid:BLABLA   total clients: 22  Max concurrent polled clients:  44

Device B          Top > Building A    ssid:BLABLA   total clients: 33  Max concurrent polled clients:  66

Device A          Top > Building B     ssid:BLABLA   total clients: 22  Max concurrent polled clients:  44

Device B          Top > Building B    ssid:BLABLA   total clients: 33  Max concurrent polled clients:  66


Again, forgive the layout, but you get the idea.  The only solution I can see is to run my needed report for each individual folder to get my needed totals, which seems silly, but I can do it if needed.


Anyone done anything like this within report generation?  Am I missing something or Is it even possible at this time?  If not, guess I'll be making a feature request.


Thanks for any information you can provide.



Re: Folder Report Generation

There's currently not a way to get reports on per folder basis, the option is hardcoded to give results per device.  This is a great feature request and should be submitted into the ideas portal through support.arubanetworks.com.

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Re: Folder Report Generation

And so it shall be.  Idea submitted.

Re: Folder Report Generation

Just promoted it !!!

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