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Force AP-93 to 5ghz

Hi there,


I have a number of AP-93's that I would like to force into 5ghz only mode - The number of 2.4ghz devices that we need to support on our network now is slim.


I've tried changing the AP-System to just "A" with no joy, setting the allowed band on the VAP to A only & even disabling the G radio entirely - But I just can't get the 11A/N active at all.


Am I doing something wrong? :o



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Re: Force AP-93 to 5ghz



Is ARM enabled on that radio? if enabled disable and try once.

For your ref :



Feel free to comeback if it do not solve the issue.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Force AP-93 to 5ghz

Awesome that worked, thank you very much :)

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