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Force a connection to a specific IAP-105 using Aruba Instant

First off... I'm an Aruba noob.  There I said it.  I've also tried searching the boards and can't find a similar topic... so here goes...

I have a 4 story library with an open center area from the basement to the 4th floor.  I have 2 IAP-105 on each floor.  We just installed thinclients on multiple floors and need them to connect to the closest IAP-105 for the best signal. 


QUESTION: Is there a way to force where my thin clients connect to?  (Maybe by limiting which IAP will accept the connection.)


At this point, I have clients in the basement connection to the 3rd floor at 1 mbps.  This is happening all of the time and through out the building.  When I reboot the client it will usually connect to the IAP that is closest and stay there for a while... and then eventually move to a different IAP.  Very frustriating.  I am at the point of breaking the "Instant" and running as individual AP's.  This kind of throws out the whole reason for going with the Arubas (for the INSTANT)


Again, is there a way that I can have a specific client attach to ONLY a specific IAP.  I havent found any document that describes this.  Or if not... any other ideas?


Thanks, Jim.

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Re: Force a connection to a specific IAP-105 using Aruba Instant

Just brainstorming a couple ideas..... 


1) Different SSID for each floor so clients only connect to AP's on their floor. 

2) Lower the signal strength so clients will only connect to their closest AP's

3) Disable some of the advanced features that move clients to less utilized AP's


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