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Frame Rates (to client) vs Frame Rates (from client)

Hi there,

We have Aruba controller and I see completely different rates from/to clients. (to clients usually 6-12Mbps but from client >54Mbps)

I did surveyed one building and set the power/channels manually to get nice coverage, propper channel overlap etc, but the results are the same.


Initially I was thinking that when clients are inactive then AP is sending beacons on the lowest basic rate, but then I saw that 100% of the traffic TO clients are 6-12Mbps.


We can exclude contention as the rates are the same even there are just two clients on the AP.

Interference? I don't think so as the spectrum analyser don't show anything unusual and survey software either.

the true is that I used really small power to make the RF cells small and get the 25% overlap. On the other hand all the other APs are using Adaptive Radio Management and they are powered too much and they overlap sometimes 90%. Not my fault as I didn't choose the APs placement:)


Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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