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Frequently disconnecting/Roaming issue


We have an issue with frequently disconnecting different clients from one AP to another in one IAP cluster. It happens sometimes but we couldn't resolved it during long period of time. It's like roaming problems.

So about our configuration: We have four 103 APs, four 205 APs and one 315 APs as a controler of it's IAP. Using one of the latest version of running software. We reduce transmit power to min 9 max 18. Disable 802.11k and 802.11v. Clientmatch enable. But it doesn't help its only reduce the number of this switching. I share my log in attach where you can find that some client 7c:01:91:88:46:aa trying to connect to this two APs (fl12-205-hr, fl11-205-sup which was placed on different floors) during 11:00 до 13:00  simultaneously. I can't find in this logs some Deauth packet or something else. What is the resaon of this unplanned switching? 

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Re: Frequently disconnecting/Roaming issue

Are you running by any chance? I had major problems with that version with a similar problem. fixed this issue for me.

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Re: Frequently disconnecting/Roaming issue

No, I am using one of the latest IAP version: 6.5.1.

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