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GPO on Windows 2008 Server for WinXP client.



We want to push our enterprise wifi connection with GPO on our user laptop. It work well with Win7 client. But we got a problem with GPO for WinXP client.


When I configure the connection directly on a WinXP laptop without GPO, it work perfectly. Im able to choose the "Microsoft : Smart Card or other certificate" for EAP-TLS.


But when we want to create a new XP GPO on our Win2008 server, we can't choose "Microsoft : Smart Card or other certificate". The only option we have is "Microsoft PEAP (Protected EAP).


Here is a screenshot from the server (yes it's in french.)


We can't choose anything else for "Type EAP".




And here is a screenshot when I configure the connection directly on my laptop (without GPO) :





Someone already got that problem ?


Thanks for your help.


** I was about to post when my cooworker tell me that the option for EAP-TLS is avalable on a English Win2008 server... Well... we'll try to find out something. Is anyone already know the issue it would be appreciate !

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