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GPON withouth LAGG and spanning tree


We have a client that want to implement this on their network.   The issue they got is that the GPON Solution they are evaluating does not do link aggregation

Right now we have configured APSs 225 with link aggregation in the typical way with typical ethernet switches.

They know they will loose the extra BW but the GPON engineer told them that they could enable spanning tree  so they could at least have redundancy(connect both cables to the AP and manage witht the spanning tree the loop scenario they could get)

I dont know if this could give them issues if they do that, as you normally configure one port in edge and just connect one cable, and you just connect both cables if you do the link aggregation.


Can anyone from Aruba give me their own opinion about this?? i just feel doing this isnt right, but could be wrong.

Project engineer

Re: GPON withouth LAGG and spanning tree

any opinion about this? :/

Project engineer
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