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GRE Tunnels and multiple VLANs

Hi forum


Is there some way you can assign more than one VLAN per layer 2 GRE tunnel?  I guess I'd really like to have a 'GRE dot1q trunk'.  At present all I know about doing this is creating one tunnel per VLAN.


I'd like a big guest network, but I'd like to assign a VLAN pool to it to break up the broadcast domain, I'd like to bridge the VLANs across a GRE tunnel as I find offloading the defautl gateway of a guest from the main controller to a DMZ controller very desirable (I am currently routing multiple VLANS across a layer 3 GRE tunnel)


Anyone addressed this kind of capacity issue to events ~2000 nodes plus?


many thanks

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Re: GRE Tunnels and multiple VLANs

I guess what I am really trying yo achieve here is not having to create 10 (or 20 tunnels including fault tolerance) between internal and DMZ controllers per VLAN, and looking to have a single IP used only.


I'd rather not assign a /16 address block for broadcast domain reduction.

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Re: GRE Tunnels and multiple VLANs

The configuration syntax is there to support multiple VLANs in a single static GRE tunnel yes. My controller allow me seemingly to put lots of VLANs in it (hundreds). My understanding is that the VLAN IDs are retained within it.


I can't say I've implemented it on that scale though, so couldn't comment on performance. I've done a few with a couple of VLANs in GRE inside IPSEC (public traversal). I supose as long as the controller is a big one, and the network topology throughout could sustain the tunnel scale/potential, it sounds like a reasonable idea (unless the Aruba guys say different).


Personally, I'm not a big fan of these architectures, but in some cases, it's needed of course.

Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)

Re: GRE Tunnels and multiple VLANs

you should be able to add multiple VLANs to the the "tunnel vlan" command of the tunnel interface.  You should be able to use a "," or "-" to designate multiple.  For example:


interface tunnel 500

  tunnel vlan 500-510




interface tunnel 500

  tunnel vlan 500,505,510

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Re: GRE Tunnels and multiple VLANs

I can't beleive I didn't know that - thanks a million guys

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