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GRE tunnel

Can a GRE tunnel service multple SSiD's on a controller?  Example, running a GRE tunnel back between a small office controller and a campus controller for ssid-A (public internet access).  Can this same GRE Tunnel service the traffic for another ssid-B that is on the same vlan as guest?


Reason I am asking, ssid-A  traffic is getting the correct network, but the ssid-B is getting wrong network, even though they are both on same vlan.   ssid-B is getting network from another ssid-C, that is not running through a GRE tunnel, the  ssid-C is locally routed.    


GRE tunnel is up on both ends, traffic does pass correctly on the ssid-A wlan.


Running code on 7010 (small office) and 7220 (campus) controllers.


thanks in advance.

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Re: GRE tunnel

Yes it can. All you have to do is to associate VLANs for both SSIDs with the tunnel.


interface tunnel 1

tunnal vlan 5,10


where 5 is the VLAN for SSID1 and 10 is the VLAN for SSID 2

Jibran Aziz
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