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GUI airgtroup not updating/showing correct info


i'm running airgroups on a pair od dev controllers running


At w=one point I had a whole batch of vlans airgroup enabled and the dashboard/airgroup window shoed loads of airgroup server devices.


I then disabled airgroup finctionality from the airgroup config windows so in theory I shouldn;t see any airgroup servers from the disabled vlans. ..... except at least 4 days later I still do.


CLI show airgroup serer shows the correct number of servers on the enabled vlans. The guidoesn;t seem to be updating and theres no way to reset it - see attached images


Re: GUI airgtroup not updating/showing correct info

Yo Alex, what do you mean by old dev controllers? Just curious.

I also have had mixed results using Airgroup in my lab. Sometimes servers appear sometimes they dont. And once turned off, sometimes they still appear. Possibly there is a command to delete all instances out of the controller when you disable airgroup?

Sorry I can't be of more help on this one.
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Re: GUI airgtroup not updating/showing correct info


Sorry, bad typing. I have a cluster (2) of 70xx controllers running same config as our productiuin network that we can play on without screwing up the production wifi network.


Things are gettig better here with airgroups but I have to say CLI is the way to do when looking at stuff/managing things. 


We now seem to have a representastive set of ACLs configured for airgroup server devices  and hve most thnigs worknig for Apple TV,Chromecast devices, although thre is still an issue with wired chromecast 4K devices conected to a mobility controller via an aruba switch using PPTN





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Re: GUI airgtroup not updating/showing correct info

I have had mixed results with AirGroup in the GUI, as well. I'm running 8.x code. The latest 8.3 code is much better than the 8.2 code for this.


As far as I've gathered, the latest information the controllers have gathered about the client is what gets "stuck" in some of the smart features, such as AirGroup.


Actually, I made a change in AirGroup the other day to block more things, but all the clients who WERE "AirGroup servers" for that particular string were stuck in the GUI until they disconnected and reconnected (thus giving the controllers new information about themselves). We verified this as a workaround by manually rebooting laptops and issuing a CoA and watching the GUI update itself.



I don't like it is a solution, but that's our "work around" so far. Because of little things like this, we usually make bigger changes on Friday so that caches are cleared etc for a clean Monday.



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