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Gaming Consoles (xbox, ps3, wii)

Hey Guys,

New to Aruba and Airheads.  I'm sure this is a common topic, but I am curious how others handle gaming consoles on the wireless network?  I currently have LeopardSecure and LeopardGuest.  The secure network uses wpa2 enterprise for authentication, a function gaming consoles don't offer.  The guest network is really limited in bandwidth and is locked down to allow pretty much just alIow web traffic.  I am curious if it is better to create and acccess control rule for LeopardSecure to just bypass logging in for the gaming consoles, or if it is better to create a gaming ssid that will only allow gaming consoles on it.  I also could use a guide for configuring access control for the consoles.  Any other information feel free to ask.


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Re: Gaming Consoles (xbox, ps3, wii)


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Re: Gaming Consoles (xbox, ps3, wii)

What my customers are doing is utilizing the guest network with role derivation based on the OUI of the gaming consoles, skipping the captive portal piece and going directly to an authenticated role.  We create a role specificallly for the consoles that gives a different bandwidth contract that will allow more bandwidth for the devices (obviously, this comes at a sacrifice to other users and gobbles up bandwidth faster).


If your bandwidth is controlled by your actual network, you can have the role assigned to the a different VLAN than the normal guest network, say the same as the LeopardSecure network.


You aren't going to be able to bypass the Enterprise security for the LeopardSecure network however.  


Hope that helps

Jeremy R. Wirtz
WLAN Systems Engineer
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