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Getting/Graphing CPU on Mobility Switch running Version

I've downloaded the mibs and found the pollling for polling CPU load via SNMP:




If I do a snmpwalk I get:

# snmpwalk -c <mystring> -On -v2c my-s3500 .

. = INTEGER: 1


If i do a snmpget (which is what MRTG/Cacti will do), I get:

# snmpget -c <mystring> -On -v2c my-s3500 .

. = No Such Instance currently exists at this OID


What gives ?


Is anyone currently graphing CPU on the mobility controllers ? I have no issues with our 8 6000's....




Re: Getting/Graphing CPU on Mobility Switch running Version

hi kconnnell


Looks like a bug, I will raise it with the MAS devs. By the way, something you will come across too when playing cacti with MAS, is that the datapath NPUs (which are visible in AOS MIB and also from the CLI command 'show datapath utilisation') are missing from MAS. Design is aware of it and plans to add it back in, but they did note that these datapath CPUs are not currently used in MAS hence the reason they were removed. However, they did concede that for completeness and future use, that they should be added.


I will try to convince them to address both of these at the same time, if you need to chase up on this, please contact support and refer to bug 66315.

Finally, if you're using cacti, you could work around this with a custom data query like below.


  <name>Get Aruba CPU/NPU Util</name>
  <description>Get CPU load info from wlsxSysXProcessorTable</description>
      <name>CPU #</name>
      <name>Processor Load</name>

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Re: Getting/Graphing CPU on Mobility Switch running Version

Awesome, thanks for the response and help.

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