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Goodput vs Throughput

Hi guys


Just wondering if what I am seeing is normal or I have some underlying issues..


We have a system with 50 APs, around 800 users.


While we see excess of 200Mbps in throughput, the controller only reports under 60Mbps of goodput.


As far as I understand, goodput is the actual useful data transmitted and throughput is the whole data including packet headers etc.  Just wondering if this is just the nature of wifi or we have some issues with our setup?  Surely goodput should not be only 1/3 of actual throughput?



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Re: Goodput vs Throughput

It is hard to say.  In the formula in the article here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Monitoring-Management-Location/What-Usage-Speed-Goodput-on-Client-Graphs-means/ta-p/174420 you only have the goodput number; you do not have the total bits transmitted or the airtime or any of the other details.


Goodput is a relative number, so it might allow you to compare a good day vs. a bad day system-wide, but there is no magical goodput number, per se...

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