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Google Home Issues

After GH and my iPhone are connected to the same wifi, but they cannot connect to each other.  Inter-user traffic is allowed.  If I use an Android, it works.  Is there something that needs to be enabled?


Re: Google Home Issues

AFAIK the same protocols and ports are used for both apps so, I'd recommend resetting the google home app on the iphone.


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Re: Google Home Issues

This is being done with fresh install of the GH app, and reset of GH device.

Re: Google Home Issues

If you perform the initial setup of the Google Home with Android with full setup-process completed - are you able to use your iPhone to connect to the Google Home on the same SSID? I ask because I've seen a large difference between the the inital setup of Android and iOS devices - with iOS being frustrating to get setup.

Also is this controller-based and are you making use of AirGroup?



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