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Google Nexus & BlackBerry sticky and disconnects while roaming

I am facing roaming problem with those two devices ( Nexus and Blackberry )  the device stick to far AP and drops  , coverage is very good ( Apple and Samsung ) roams perfectly .


I wonder if anyone have faced the same behaviour with those devices ?

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Re: Google Nexus & BlackBerry sticky and disconnects while roaming

The clients decide whether to roam or not.  Many people have knobs or buttons that they use to improve roaming, but the best things to do are:


- Make sure your access points have a minimum transmit power of 12 and a maximum transmit power of 18.  You can change this using the ARM-MIN-TX power and the ARM-MAX-TX power.

- Make sure your access points are spaced 60 feet apart, to start.  You might have to make them closer if you have concrete or other material that is thicker than drywall.


Clients normally do not roam when the signal is still good enough to connect.  Many people turn the power all the way up and devices end up holding onto those access points much longer than they should.  Transmit power of access points in most situations should match the output power of clients that attach to them and that power should be between 12 and 18.


When you survey, you need to make sure that your survey access points are between 12 and 18 to make sure that the edge of your cell provides the power you think it should to your clients.

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