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Re: Group configuration questions

I'm using Group-based config. 

When I import the config on the other AMP it says:

 name                                    global conf              ssid's

AMP_Config_V0.2-LABNo-Guest, JLA-LAB, VLB, VLB Guest, VLB Provisioning


So the Aruba SSID's do get transferred, however when I look under Aruba Config in the group, there's nothing... 

The Cisco WLC Config is successfully transferred though.




Sorry, I read the readme of the import/export script:


Known limitations:

Groups' Web Auth Bundles, Aruba Configuration, and Desired Firmware settings are not able to be migrated.


Is there any other way to accomplish this?

i.e. The template function, how does this function work? Do you have to copy paste the running config, or do you solely use the available variables?



I read in the airwaveconfigguide.pdf that: Template-based configuration for devices with firmware versions before AOS

So I think that, for the time being, I should create a golden feature config on a controller. Then export the flashbackup.tar.gz file, to import it on a different controller and finally import the config into AMP?



Re: Group configuration questions

I'm trying to imagine what the best route would be, but your last update is on the right track.  This looks like a methodology that needs to be discussed more with Product Management to simplify this action.

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