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Guest Access Deployment options


I have a case where the client needs to deploy 12 aps with 2 vlans each, one for employee and one for guest.

I order to give guest access, what features can the controller provide for this.

And if I go with iaps, how can I get the guest access captive portal feature?


I mean is there any need to purchase clearpass guest in this case or aruba central or airwave for the above cases ?

Re: Guest Access Deployment options

There's captive portal functionality built into Instant APs and controllers. It's pretty basic on both but works fine. Guest users would need to be pre-provisioned by someone.

The client doesn't NEED to purchase ClearPass or Aruba Central based on what you've said. However there are benefits in doing so.

Airwave is for monitoring / reporting / managing configs & firmware.

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Re: Guest Access Deployment options

It depends on the process, how guest should be provisioned. For pre-provisioned guests you can use the internal captive portal. This is also true for a simple T&C page, which just an agree button. If the guest should register themselves or if you need some kind of sponsor login or social login you should use clearpass. 

you can also create a self-created external captive portal to create some basic stuff, but this needs some development from the customer. 

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