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Guest Wireless Access with 3rd party Cap. Portal



I have an SSID that is is giving me some trouble and I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction as to what might be happening. 


The setup we have is an SSID that is setup to as a guest network. The guest network does not have the aruba captive portal turned on. It is open and points to a .1 of /21 network. All of that is working fine clients are connecting to the SSID and pulling the ip and gateway. We are using a third party captive portal called check box if that matters. Basically when users connect ot the SSID the check box is .1 on the network and they should be routed to it so they have to authenticate to the check box which limits their time on the network. This is working for about 25% of the users that connect to the SSID. The rest of the users connect and are never given the capative portal. They just go straight to no internet access and can't get anywhere. If I go on the Aruba Controller I show that over 200 people are connected to the guest wireless but the check box shows it has only authenticated 50 out of the 200. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't really know if this is aruba issue or not but it is just werid how clients that connect tot he same SSID are not getting the same results. 

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Re: Guest Wireless Access with 3rd party Cap. Portal

If all of the users who attach to the SSID obtain the same Aruba Role, the problem is with the 3rd party captive portal.  If the Captive Portal is somehow changing the roles of the Aruba controller's users, that mechanism is what needs to be troubleshot.

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Re: Guest Wireless Access with 3rd party Cap. Portal

All of the users on the SSID have the same role. It is werid how if i plug into the same vlan i get the portal no matter what but as soon as I try to connect to it via wireless that is when I start having trouble. Again any help is appreciated. 

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Re: Guest Wireless Access with 3rd party Cap. Portal

I agree with Colin, since users are ending up in the correct role on the Aruba controller, this would appear to be an issue with the captive portal enforcement device (checkbox).


What is the size of the DHCP scope for your guest users? If you have 200 users associated, are they all able to obtain IP addresses? If the DHCP scope is undersize, users not receiving an IP address will not be able to attempt to bring up the captive portal.

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