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HP E-MSM460 Dual Radio 802.11n AP, equivalent Aruba AP and HP wireless controller

Hi AirHeads,

I know this question was asked and answered somewhere, but please help me if you can.

We're having a wireless network using HP AP & controller (AP is MSM460).

Now we want to expand the coverage and was informed by HP that MSM460 is EoL and have to switch our system (AP and controller) to  Aruba or buy an Aruba AP and run it in Instant AP mode ( aka stand alone).

This doesn't sound right, I mean, we only need to expand a little and have to throw our current infra out of the window ? Isn't there any Aruba AP that compatible with HP's. It is understandable if Aruba and HP is two seperate company. But Aruba is acquired by HP, shouldn't they make sure their current customer can expand without getting broke ?



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