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HP Switch 2530 Warranty and Corrosion


My client used HP Switch 2530




1. Switch faulty because of corrosion and HPE partner refused to replace it.

What should I do next?




Re: AP-370 Outdoor AP Warranty and Corrosion

For question 1, Here is the datasheet. On the same page as the IP66 rating you can see a link to the warranty page for lifetime limited.


Question 2, I am not sure. Are you able to open a support case to RMA it? Not sure of the access because I have not done that in awhile. 

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Re: AP-370 Outdoor AP Warranty and Corrosion

Do you have an AP-370 that has corrosion damage, and is your partner actually refusing to help? Or is this just a theoretical question for the future?


Also, make sure that you mount the AP according to the mounting instructions, make sure that cable inserts are properly tightened to prevent water (or salt water) to get in the AP and cause damage from the inside:

Starting with the AP-27x family limited lifetime warranty
has been extended to outdoor gear. As per the indoor gear
when operated in the specified environmental and vibration
conditions and installed correctly the LLW covers functional
failures of the units. Some degradation of exposed surfaces
and finishes is expected for all gear mounted outside and
LLW does not apply to cosmetic impairments of paint, or
surface finish. 

(from the product warranty FAQ PDF document)

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Re: AP-370 Outdoor AP Warranty and Corrosion

I got wrong info from my client

Actually the one that have corrosion is HP Switch 2530 with lifetime warranty.

But the partner refused to replace it because of corrosion

Is corrosion causing warranty void?



Re: AP-370 Outdoor AP Warranty and Corrosion

If your 2530 switch is operated inside the specifications that are in the data-sheet, I would expect the unit to be replaced. If you have corrosion on a switch, and it is exposed to salty water, I doubt if that is within the specifications. 


Check here on the warranty rules. The FAQ (Q17) excludes external causes or contamination, which water damage is in my opinion:

Does my warranty coverage apply to damage caused directly or indirectly by a fire?
No. As described in the warranty statement, HPE’s warranty does not apply to products that have been damaged or rendered defective due to external causes or contamination.
Furthermore, HPE Networking does not have decontamination processes, nor has HPE Networking qualified third-party cleaning processes. Depending on the nature and location of the fire and how it was extinguished, there could be direct or residual effects from heat, moisture, shock and vibration, or airborne chemicals and particles released by either material that burned or by firefighting equipment, any of which could ultimately lead to equipment failure. It is difficult to predict actual failure symptoms or the timeframe in which any such symptoms might appear. Visual inspection combined with successful operation of the equipment would not necessarily identify if the equipment was subject to any of these direct or residual effects and ultimately fail prematurely. You should contact your insurance carrier to see if fire or contamination related damage is covered under your insurance policy.


Please find out what happened to the switch. If it is operated normally, within specifications and with the usual precautions, and you think it is reasonable that the switch should be replaced under warranty, you can start a warranty claim direct or via your partner. That is also described in the FAQ mentioned above.

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HP 2530 Warranty and Corrosion

The client is Hotel near the sea.

Of course the switch won't be splashed by sea water.

The client won't so happy because of this warranty void and they replaced it with Cisco.

The switch just used for 3 years.

If partner refused to replace it.

Who else the client can contact directly



Re: HP 2530 Warranty and Corrosion

From the FAQ referenced before:


How do I start a warranty claim?
If you purchased upgraded or extended warranty coverage services from HPE, you should call the phone number that was provided to you when you or your reseller registered your HPE service or purchased the HPE service contract.
If you did not purchase upgraded warranty coverage from HPE, you should contact HPE or contact your HPE reseller if they are HPE-authorized for warranty fulfillment on HPE Networking products. You may contact HPE to start a warranty claim during HPE’s business hours (to locate the phone number and specific hours for your location, please go to the Web at www.hpe.com/networking/contact-support).
If possible, you should contact HPE from a location where it is easy for you to access the product. HPE requests that you contact HPE as warranty failures occur and not wait until you have several defective units. It will be more difficult for you to provide the information that HPE needs to confirm and process your warranty claim if you delay requesting a warranty claim. Also, parts availability may affect HPE’s ability to send you all the replacement units in a timely manner if you request several units at one time.


Please note that the 2530 is an indoor switch, not an outdoor switch, so it has never been designed to be placed in open air.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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