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HP5406 to Aruba 7210 Direct Attach Cable

So I have a 5406Rz12 switch running latest firmware and I'm trying to connect it via 10G direct attach cables to my Aruba 7210.


(they don't work which is why i'm posting this)


The cable that I have is SFP+ Driect Attach 1m J92818. Even though this cable appears to be working because you get green link lights etc. it definately DOES NOT WORK.


I know my config is right because if I plug in a couple sfp's and put in a fiber jumper everything comes up just fine.


So my question for the day is........  What is the correct cable to get direct attach from my HP5406 to Aruba 7210?


Thanks !!!

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Re: HP5406 to Aruba 7210 Direct Attach Cable

Below DAC cables should work. If it's 100% genuine DAC cable you could open a TAC case.

Below numbers should work. (Did not tested myself)


J9281B 1M DAC
J9283B 3M DAC
J9285B 7M DAC

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Re: HP5406 to Aruba 7210 Direct Attach Cable

This is what I have found.


This DOES NOT WORK   (Even though it's suppose to)

J9281B  HP X242 10G SFP+ SFP+ 1m DAC Cable



J9283B HP x242 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 3m Direct Attach Copper Cable


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