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HUAWEI E3372h and AP-203r as RAP on Controllers



A customer of mine got a HUAWEI E3372h and a AP-203r which he want to terminat as RAP on a 7205 controller pair under AOS
Everything works fine until we want to provision the RAP with a USB-Profile.



2x 7205 (Master/Backup)



ISP: A1 (Austria)

APN Details providet by ISP

APN Details providet by community



1st Problem
As soon as a USB-Profile is tied to the RAP AP-Group, the RAP will no loger set up a IPSEC tunnel over the eth0 uplink, regardless if the LTE stick is connected to the RAP or not.


2nd Problem

The LTE stick will not dial up to the ISP.


We tried two sets of configuration for the USB Profile, like recommendet in this two topics:
1. 4G/LTE Modems Zentral Europa

2. Konfiguracja AOS pod modem Huawei E3372h


USB Profile 1:

USB Device Type: huawei-cdc

USB Device Identifier: 0x12d11f01

USB Dial String: ATD*99#
USB Initialization String: AT+CGDCONT=1,\"IP\",\"A1.net\"

USB TTY device data path: N/A


USB Profile 2:

USB Device Type: huawei-cdc

USB Device Identifier: 0x12d11506

USB Dial String: N/A
USB Initialization String: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","A1.net"

USB TTY device data path: ttyUSB0


I described the settings in a deeper detail in the german community.


Does anybody has made some experience with the HUAWEI E3372h and a rap-203r?


Thank you!




Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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Re: HUAWEI E3372h and AP-203r as RAP on Controllers




It seems that the HUAWEI E3372h version dont support PPP.
The stick must be flashed witch another firmware so that it acts like the model E3372s-153.
Flashing a Huawei E3372h 4G LTE stick from Hilink to Stick mode


After that, the stick should work with the following settings (ISP A1 Austria):

Cellular configuration
Type            Value
----            -----
usb-type        huawei-cdc
usb-dev         0x12d11506
usb-tty         ttyUSB0
usb-init        AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","A1.net"
usb-auth-type   PAP
usb-user        ppp@a1plus.at
usb-passwd      ppp
usb-dial        ATDT*99#

I had no time to flash our stick and test the settings - will update the topic.


Maybe someone of you had a similar expirence, I would be thankfull if you share your findings with us.



Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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