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Re: Has anyone made work the client match properly?

Not sure how far it is between the two lab AP's but, i'd recommend the following,


1) Put atleast a distance of 20ft between the two AP's.

2) Set min & max tx eirp to 9 in the arm profile.

3) Set the 'Client Match SNR threshold' to 2dB (you can gradually increase this value if roaming becomes too aggressive).

4) Set the 'Client Match Sticky Min Signal' to 90



This will create a config for very agressive roaming, it completely depends on how clean the channels are in the testing conditions to actually have an effect on the roaming itself since SNR on one channel may widely differ from another even on the same band.

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Re: Has anyone made work the client match properly?

Hello Thanks for the reply

I noticed that with these settings the bandsteer works!


But  if my AP 105 i configure just one radio for example the 5ghz radio only and i turn off the 2.4ghz radio to make it roam with sticky client not with the steer band it doesnt work... with this settings


Any clue?




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Re: Has anyone made work the client match properly?

So How does this work with Aruba Instant and Client match ?? Cant seem to find those parameters ?


@barath wrote:


Here's how sticky client works,

The client's SNR (as monitored by the AP) is supposed to be a minimum of atleast </= 25dB SNR (default value) in order for this

particular steer type to get implemented. Additionally, the client has to be able to hear a neighbor AP at a minimum of -70dBm SNR and also the neighbor AP SNR must be a minimum of 10dB greater than the client's existing SNR.


ONLY if all these three parameters match, the client will get steered due to sticky client.

However, the good news is that all of these values are configurable in the ARM profile.




cm-sticky-min-signal   -  Client Match Sticky Min Signal Level required for
                                            target AP ( -dBm)

cm-sticky-snr                 -  SNR of client that triggers sticky move(dB)

cm-sticky-snr-delta       -  Min SNR improvement between current AP and desired
                                             target AP (dB) for sticky move


Here are the default values of these config parameters:

Client Match Sticky Min Signal                             70

Client Match Sticky client check SNR (dB)        25

Client Match SNR threshold(dB)                        10


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Re: Has anyone made work the client match properly?

Those parameters are not supposed to be changed.  The person in the thread wanted to do testing to force clients to roam when the access points are very close together, as a test.

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