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Have a single SSID across campus with AP93's?

I am new to Aruba wireless products. Found them for a client, and installed 3, which work great. 


They each have different SSID's however. 


Optimally, we want a single SSID across the campus. 


Is the MESH network what I want, or do I need a higher grade device to function as the controller?


I have looked at the manual and am a bit fuzzy on this. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Have a single SSID across campus with AP93's?

Are the 3 SSIDs role based or do they use different authentication types? Generally you will need 2 SSIDs, one open and one 802.1x.


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Re: Have a single SSID across campus with AP93's?

Is this Aruba Instant?  Are you saying mesh in terms of management of APs or mesh in terms of wirelessly linking the APs together?

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