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Help on understanding the buffered broadcast data on 802.11 AP

Hi there, 

I am trying to use the power saving mode of an embedded system, and have some questions about the transmission of the buffered broadcast/multicast data.


Q1, how long will it be before the AP kicks the client out when it sleeps for too long time (ignoring too many beacons.) 


Q2. Within the TIM variable in the beacon, does the first bit of the bitmap control field ONLY indicate there is buffered multi/broadcast data, and the AID in the partial virtual Bitmap ONLY indicate the buffered Unicast data?


Q3. Is the AP aware of which clients have received the buffered multi/broadcast data, and which have not? (If yes, it means the clients should send back ACKs after the transmission of the buffered multi/broadcast data)


Q4. How long will the AP keep the buffered broadcast data before droping or updating them?


It seems too many questiosn, I apreciate if you can give me any answears, or suggestions for relevant manuals/articals. thanks!


Best wihes, Di

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