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Help with A200 - NATting a broadband connection

Hello all,


I used to work for a reseller (was actually ACMP for a while) and acquired some demo equipment when we obsoleted it. I have an A200 and an AP124. 


I have had nothing but problems with consumer AP/Routers for the last 3 years and I'm fed up... it's time to use the Aruba system and not have to deal with stupid problems anymore. 


I know that I need to set the WAN up to DHCP and connect that to the cable modem... then set up a private network on the LAN interface and set up a little DHCP pool, and attach the AP to that interface. But to get NAT to work between the interfaces is where I'm falling short... we never set things up this way in our deployments, and I'm so far removed from the technology. I can't even get into the console at this point (still trying to find my cable) so I'm not sure what build the 200 is running, but it's old, for sure. 


Are there any "quick guides" or whatever to get a simple system like this going? I'm sure it's just a small handful of commands. Rather than crawl through the ArubaOS manual I thought I'd try on here first. I got a lot of good help in here back in the day that I couldn't get from the "help" desk. 


Thanks in advance!




Re: Help with A200 - NATting a broadband connection

Here is a basic configuration for using a controller as your internet gateway:


interface vlan 192
        ip address
        ip nat inside
        description "home-vlan


interface vlan 470
        ip address dhcp-client
        description "xfinity-vlan"


interface gigabitethernet 1/3
        description "xfinity-uplink"
        trusted vlan 1-4094
        ip access-group "XFINITY-LINK-ACL" session
        switchport access vlan 470


interface gigabitethernet 1/1
        description "home-uplink"
        trusted vlan 1-4094
        switchport access vlan 192


ip default-gateway import dhcp


ip access-list session XFINITY-LINK-ACL
  any any svc-dhcp  permit 
  any any any  deny

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Re: Help with A200 - NATting a broadband connection

Thanks! I'll give this a shot tonight. I actually found my cable and got into the switch. It's running 5.0.something. Probably no sense in trying to upgrade it. About the only thing I'm going to do with it is block webkinz and a few other stupid websites. :)


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