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High Availability Controller setup

I have two 7205's. One has been in production for a while and the second is brand new.


I have setup the High Availability group

made sure that both controlers were in it.  

both controllers are dual

One is master and the other is local. 

I enabled the centralized licenses.

both controllers have the same firmware.


However, when I reboot the master, the AP's dont fail over to the secondary controller.  


I looked  using the show ap database command and the standby IP is there for the local controller.


Both controllers are on the same subnet.


what am I missing?




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Re: High Availability Controller setup



In your AP system profile for these APs, do you have primary LMS to your primary controller (local) and backup LMS to your secondary controller (master)?


When both controllers are up and you issue show ap database in the master, do you see them having standby tunnels there?


After defining the HA group on the master, did you also configure the local controller to use that HA group on the local controller itself? (Under redundancy)



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Re: High Availability Controller setup

It turns out that I had a lot of issues.  there was a route missing in the 2nd controller, the interfaces were not fully configured with IP's, and the ACLs between the controller and the AP's were not allowing traffic to pass.  


I was under the false assumption that all I had to do was give the 2nd controller an IP and the master would do all the configuring.


So the show ap database command now shows the 2nd controllers ip as the standby IP.  I have tested the failover by turning off the ports to the 1st controller.  


Now the issue now is that all the AP's will only connect to the Master if both controllers are running.  I have both controllers set to "role dual", but it is active as if they are Active, standby


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Re: High Availability Controller setup



This will relate to your LMS IP configuration.

The configuration for the LMS IP is in the "ap system-profile"
The LMS IP can also be set with DHCP option 43

Your "active,standby" could be from setting the LMS IP to a Virtual IP presented by VRRP from the controllers. You can change the "active" controller by increasing the VRRP priority and enabling preemption

What is your HA goal?
I've attached a cut out from the VRD for your setup.
Note that in most cases it is not reccomended to terminate APs on the master.

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Re: High Availability Controller setup

the ultimate goal was to split the ap's between the two controllers.  Then if one of the controllers were to go down, the ap's would then move to the other controller.


I talked with support and they informed me that I have to create an additional AP profile and switch the LMS active and standby controlers. 


I was hoping that the HA would have been more automatic,but I will settle for an acitve, standby setup at the moment.

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