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High Availibility HA with 2 standalone controller

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and i hope everyone is doing well.


I'm not new with the Aruba controller and I have an issue with the HA model.

First, we want to try the Active/Active model with Master/redundancy. Apparantly, with the new version, the standby tunnel GRE is "acive" with the master-standby controller even-if i can't terminate GRE tunnel.

We don't manage to create this model. So, Aruba tell us that the new model is standalone/standalone with an AirWave to work with.


So, we read the VRD and we chosse :

- Standalone/Standalone

- controller ip loopback

- VRRP with two controller

- License Redundancy

- Same configuration on both controller

- HAGroup with the dual option (on standby IP adress)

- LMS with the loopback address of the primary

- DHCP server on the primary (even if we choose the static option for our AP-207)


We don't see the standby tunnel on the second controller and when we shutdown the controller 1, Access Point can't access to the secondary.


At this point, I don't know what to do.


Have you a suggestion ?

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