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High CPU usage on AMP services


Im wondering if there is something wrong with our AirWave server.


As you can see, the AMP services CPU usage went up significantly last Friday but I can't figure out why.


Our Airwave server is monitoring 45 APs, 3 controllers and 52 Cisco Catalyst switches.


Any ideas?



Re: High CPU usage on AMP services

Did u create a special reports/logs/traps in Friday?

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Re: High CPU usage on AMP services

Its all default really. The only thing I started with on Friday was to configure our RAP's


Could this be related to other issue that I've seen - Usage graph and Top Clients by Total traffic - doesn't get updated at all?


Re: High CPU usage on AMP services

What AMP version are you currently running?  What's the specs of your AMP server?  Is it a VM?  This seems like abnormal behavior, did AMP enter swap at the same time?  Other things to check may be changes to the network devices.  Was AMON enabled on any of the controllers?  Was VRF enabled on Friday?  Any items in 'red' on System -> Status page?  Opening a support case may be the best way to get guided assistance on how to determine the cause of the jump, since the graph itself does not give the same amount of info as a shared screen session or support connection.

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