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High Density Deployments for Auditoriums

Looking for feedback from those that have deployed AP's in large auditoriums (200 seat capacity). I know there are many ways to do this. I have read the High-Density Wireless Networks for Auditoriums Validated Reference Design. I am most interested in AP placement. Will have band steering enabled, spectrum load balancing enabled, creating a separate group for auditorium AP's so they can be manipulated without causing havoc on other AP's. Figuring on 13 AP's total, 3 for the 2.4 band and 10 for the 5 band. Suggestions welcome.
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Re: High Density Deployments for Auditoriums

Chapter 4 of that document details the three types of mounting access points; overhead, side, and floor coverage as well as the considerations for all three. It also discusses in detail the pros and cons of each. Which approach you chose is specific to your environment, and that chapter discusses under what circumstances you would choose each.

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Re: High Density Deployments for Auditoriums

I'd be interested to see what you come up with.  



Currently most of my userbase is on 2.4Ghz which really  limits options!

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Re: High Density Deployments for Auditoriums

I've deployed AP124s with 60 degree directional antennas around the parameter and AP125s in the mezzanine areas of one of our High Schools. In another identical auditorium in another HS I've used only AP125s, so far there hasn't been large enough crowd at either location to make a comparison. 

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