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Hospitality AP-103H configuration

Hello Everyone,


I'm going to install WLAN for hotel project within this month.
As I've read, Aruba AP can be connected to access port while it broadcast several SSID for different VLANs.

What if I bring hospitality AP "out-of-the-box" and connect it to vlan 20 with an assigned DHCP, does it take the DHCP immediately. or I need to configure the AP port to VLAN 20?


I am a little bit confused because as I've read Aruba IAP only work if they are connected to native vlan. Should Hospitality APs be connected to Native VLAN or they can be connected to any VLAN "not native"?


Correct for me if I am wrong.


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Re: Hospitality AP-103H configuration



No need to configure the IAP. IAP should get an IP address on Vlan 20 once it is connected to the switch.


If your requirement is to have multiple SSIDs with different Vlan, then you need to configure the switchport as Trunk and set Native Vlan as 20, so that the AP gets an IP in Vlan 20.

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Re: Hospitality AP-103H configuration

Just FYI these modules on youtube for IAPs are pretty good.  And current.



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Re: Hospitality AP-103H configuration



Thanks for your reply.


My main question is about Hospitality APbecause the AP will be terminated by a Mobility controller.


I will create VRRP between my 2 controllers, VRRP will be made on VLAN 1 and the AP will be connected to vlan 20.


I read some articles that said after configuring tunnel mode on controller, you can assign the AP to access port vlan 20 on the switch and can Broadcast several SSIDs that belong to different VLANs.




Re: Hospitality AP-103H configuration

This is the first part of the basic Aruba WLAN course. Might I suggest you attend one? ;)


It looks like you're mixing Instant AP and Controller based setup, and that can lead to problems..


When doing Controller-based setup all the client VLAN's are tunneled back to the Controller (default setup is tunnel) and enter your network from there.


The AP's basically need an access port to a vlan that hands out IP from DHCP. Read about the AP Boot process and how it finds the Controller here:




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