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Hot AP-105s

Does anyone else have a problem with AP-105s getting very hot and failing. This has happened multiple times through out the campus and some are on PoE switches and some are using local power injectors. These get so how I am afraid to put them in the plastic bag of the replacement because the plastic might met..

Re: Hot AP-105s

What type of switch are you connecting them to?

What version of AOS are you running?
There was a bug with 105s and certain Cisco switch models which would cause the AP105 to fail and have to be RMA'ed.

The fix was implemeted in I believe AOS release
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Re: Hot AP-105s

The AOS is and the switches are mixtures of HPs and Ciscos. This case the switch was a HP2520G-24

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Re: Hot AP-105s

They do get hot, but shouldn't get that hot.


I use AF injectors on mine in the lab (dsine). They seem ok (but the lab is quite cool).


It might be worth logging it with TAC?


I suppose there's a possibility the PoE negotiation isn't going quite right, and the switch is delivering more wattage than the AP expects.


I can't remember the HP commands, but if you compare the PoE delivery on the AP to that (show ap debug system-status ap-name NAME) see if something jumps out?


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