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How I can console to AP 315


  I just noticed that Aruba 315 doesn't have a console port. Any idea how to console to this AP? 

Re: How I can console to AP 315

it does have, it's under the rubber rectangle in the top left, see attached image.


You need a suitable serial cable for it - e.g. an Aruba ap-cbl-ser (but a bit pricey) or buy a ttl-to-rs232 converter or ttl-to-usb adaptor online from ebay/taobao/amazon, they are popular for rasberry pi etc., see the post by Tamaz here




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Re: How I can console to AP 315

Thanks, that was helpful. 

Re: How I can console to AP 315

I used a Raspberry PI 3 directly connected to the Aruba AP-315 and was successful at getting into the console.



1.  sudo raspi-config -> Interface Options -> Serial -> Would you like a login shell? (NO) -> Would you like serial port hardware? (YES) -> Finish -> reboot

2.  sudo apt install minicom

3.  Connect  the following

     Aruba pwr  -> GPIO1 (3.3V)

     Aruba grnd -> GPIO6 (GND)

     Aruba TX   -> GPIO10 (RXD0)

     Aruba  RX -> GPIO08 (TXD0)

4.  minicom -b 9600 -o -D /dev/ttyS0


You should be in!



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