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How can I preconfigure variables?

I want to deploy a number of IAP 105s to various sites.  They will all follow a template, but there will be some variables (value changes per site).  I want to preconfigure / stage the config for each site in Airwave and then drop ship the IAPs to the sites.  I want the IAPs to boot up, obtain DHCP options:

 option 60 text "ArubaInstantAP"
 option 43 text "Group:folder"

and then download their respective config.  I do not want to have to wait until each IAP comes online then log in to Airwave and enter the site specific variables.  I want to fill in the variables in advance of the IAP being installed / booting up.  What is the best way for me to go about doing this?


Re: How can I preconfigure variables?

I too would like that ability.


What we've done is to set up one iAP for each target location (either in my lab, or in the target location) and do all of the preconfiguration for the "seed" AP - including a variable I use to start with no SSID so we don't mess up the airwaves early.


Then when the contractor installs the final iAPs the each come up, and find the "seed" and pull firmware and configuration and it's all almost like magic.


It's certainly not hands-off, but it got us as close as I can figure to the ideal.


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