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How clients inside houses get connection with MSR2000?




Hello guys,


I don't have much knowledge about wireless connectivity, but I'm looking for wireless mesh products to extend internet to houses on two artificial islands using MSR2000. I have some questions I would appreciate some help.


First I have a 100MB ethernet cable coming from nearby switch (Labled red color)


1-Can MSR2000 cover one island, as you can see the distance is around 300m.?


2-How the clients inside houses can get access, do I have to purchse small antennas and mount them on thier roofs then connect to indoor access points? or how is it work, what type of installation is needed for each house?


I'm assuming using two MSR2000, one for each island ,work on 5GHZ, the first MSR2000 is connected to the switch and act like primary to extend signal to the second MSR2000.



Thank you for ur help.

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Re: How clients inside houses get connection with MSR2000?


What you're proposing can be acomplished with traditional controller/AP Aruba products in addition to the MSR2000 (search for controller based Mesh Portal / Mesh Point in the Airheads Community) as well as a few other design considerations. Please Note - providing in-home wireless access is not typically accomplished with outdoor wifi AP's.



1) User count, applications and bandwidth considerations - What are you attempting to provide in wireless service to the occupants? Basic web browsing or NetFlicks streaming to a family of 5 per home?

2) Home construction and AP location will have an impact on the signal strength (through the building materials) within the home and brings you back to number 1. Do you get the signal strength for the app you are using? I believe you would require well more than 1 AP, or MSR2000, per island.

3) The 2.4Ghz band provides 'fairly' good signal penitration through typical home construction but will provide a single 2.4Ghz channel per AP/MSR for client use to minimize co-channel interference with other deployed AP's. A single channel will limit max client bandwidth.


As you stated your understanding of wireless is limited, I recommend you bring your project to a knowledgeable wireless partner.



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