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How configure/debug LTE uplink at RAP-3WN with HUAWEI K5150 modem

Hi, I want to use my RAP-3WN with HUAWEI K5150 (Vodafone branded) LTE modem as a uplink. But I'm not successful in provision RAP with correct modem config.

Modem works flawlessly with my Linux host. I have to use usb_switchmode to switch it to ethernet mode. Than there is new interface where it is possible to get IP address with DHCP and connect to the net.

But no luck with RAP:

show ap debug usb ap-name rap-01

USB Information
Parameter         Value
---------         -----
Manufacturer       HUAWEI
Product            K5150
Serial Number      
Driver             cdc_ether
Vendor ID          12d1
Product ID         1575
USB Modem State    Standby

Following line is used for modeswitch in RAP provisioning:

-v 0x12d1 -p 0x1f16 -V 0x12d1 -P 0x1575 -M 55534243123456780002000080000a11062000000000000100000000000000

I use same VIDs/PIDs and message with usb_modeswitch at my Linux host.

Does anybody have idea how to solve this ? Is network adapter style USB modem compatible with rap ?





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Re: How configure/debug LTE uplink at RAP-3WN with HUAWEI K5150 modem

I managed to hack in the RAP with TTL-USB serial converter. It is necessary to set console password in the controller:

ap system-profile rap-ap-system-profile

than login to console and press Esc ^k to get full access (enable doesn't work).
There are some log in /tmp. lte.log looks promising, but there is only:

Setting up data connection...
Modem mode not available - need to repair this

Does it mean that this modem is not supported?

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