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How do APs react to high Temp environments

I have IAP 205 in  warehouse 35ft high. All was fine until a recent heat wave. Not disconnects and drops are experienced. No AC in the warehouse and temps are getting up to 90 degrees F on the floor. 35ft up could be higher. IAP 205 i belive can withstand temps of 104. What kind of behavior can be excpected from an AP that is  beyond its  enviromental heat recommedation? 

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Re: How do APs react to high Temp environments

The AP-200 series recommended operating temperature is 32 degrees (F) - 104 degrees (F) as you mentioned. 


For information about the internals of an AP - google "Anatomy of an AP aruba" and you can review the parts inside, but a lot of the AP is made of plastic, so theoretically higher temps could cause components to become damaged.


I think the recommended AP for an environment that exceeds temperature or other conditions would be the AP-228 (up to 140 degrees F) for 802.11ac Wave 1. If that AP continues to have trouble, it may be worth considering swapping for that model. 


I would consult your local Aruba rep for more details.

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