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How do I log into my Aruba 650 controller?

I have a big problem. I work for a non-profit facility that provides housing for families of childern in a childerns hospital in Memphis TN. An outside company installed an Aruba 650 controller and Access Points through our building with the intent they would get a contract to manage the system, but did not. With this in mind they left no username or passwords, or information to log into the system. Plus the system now says everytime you connect to it that it "Cannot Verify Server Identity". If anyone could help provide guidence to this situation it would be greatly appreicated.

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Re: How do I log into my Aruba 650 controller?

You can reset the password via the Console:


  1. Console/Serial into the Controller
  2. Login using username as "password" and password as "forgetme!"
  3. Enter the enable password as "enable"
  4. Move to config mode and use the command "mgmt-user admin root" 
  5. Type the new password for admin account
  6. Logout
  7. Log back in with the new password.
  8. write mem

Our Knowledge base and Users Guides are publically available without a contract.   To download software updates and access TAC you need a support contract.


As far as the "server certificate" message goes it would be helpful if you can post a screen capture showing the message and how the client is connecting when receiving the error.  Also, once you have logged into the controller let us know the version of SW running using the CLI command "show image version".


The default certificate on the controller recently expired but has been updated in later releases of SW.  I am attaching a copy of the Support Bulleting explaining the issue.  Not sure if this is what you are seeing though.....

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Re: How do I log into my Aruba 650 controller?

Can you recomend a cable to purchase to access the console?

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Re: How do I log into my Aruba 650 controller?

Any standard Cisco console cable will work which are readily available.   You can also download the Users Guide and there is a pin-out diagram if you want to make your own.

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