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How do I stop an AP-105 update reboot loop?

My appologies if this is the wrong forum location. I am an IT administrator who has inherited a production wireless network from the previous administrator. I have no training in Aruba wireless products, but I have been able to get by so far.


Currently I have an 800, a 650, 8x AP-60, and 3x AP-105; none of which have a unexpired warranty or service contract. The controllers are situated in separate buildings connected by a slower ethernet link (50Mbps). I have found that all of the access points are reporting to the 800. What I am trying to do is setup a master controller to do all my configuration from, but have each controller act as the end point for the APs in their own buildings. I managed to set the 800 as the master, and the 650 as a local controller. However when I set the AP-105s with the LMS IP of the 650 through an AP sytem profile they get lost in an upgrade/reboot loop as soon as they report to the 650 it seems.


My assumption is that this is related to the the controllers running different ArubaOS versions. The 800 is running and the 650 is running However, I do not have an image of the ArubaOS software to update the 800 to, nor do I have a support contract to download the latest.


My questions are am I on the right track with the version mismatches, and if that is indeed the problem how can I get a copy of the OS off the 650 to put on the 800? Or if the version mismatch is unrelated what would be my next troubleshooting step?

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Re: How do I stop an AP-105 update reboot loop?

They both have to have the same version of code for that to stop.  Even if you set the AP system profile, when the AP reboots, it needs to discover the initial controller once more.  You should provision the AP statically to the controller that you want it to stay on, and remove the LMS-IP from the AP system profile..


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Re: How do I stop an AP-105 update reboot loop?

Is there any way to use the 650 as a source for the 800 to upgrade the ArubaOS to the same version?

Re: How do I stop an AP-105 update reboot loop?

No, the firmware for the two controllers is completely different. You will need the correct version for the 800 to match the 650.

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