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How do I use the console port on an IAP 205?

Problem: Customer doesn't have the admin password for the three AP they have in their office.  They are newer IAP 205s.  I have tried different methods to get in to the CLI but have not been successful.  


I tried what i saw on another post: 

Breakout Cable using a Cisco Serial Cable
Just re-crimp the Ethernet plug pins to
green 4
yellow 5
red 7
orange 8


Well i tried that, but I still don't get anything on the screen using PuTTY.  So maybe something else I am doing is incorrect.  


I have the ENET port plugged into a POE swtich for power, and the console cable from cisco, pinned out like above.  I am run PuTTY, with 9600, 8, 1, none, none from the COM1 on my PC.  I have verified that COM is functional in Dev. Mgr.  Does it need a external poer supply instead of POE for this instance?  Should I use a POE injector instead?


Any help will be very greatful..





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Re: How do I use the console port on an IAP 205?

Just found out the Cisco Serial Cable does work, there must have been a change betwen the 103s and the 205s. 

So I have the ENET port connected to a POE switch (switch is not connected to the network).  Baby-blue cisco cable in the console port.  PuTTy running in serial mode on my PC, 9600, 8, 1, 1, none, none.  




Re: How do I use the console port on an IAP 205?

I connected up to a 205 serial port just last week, no issues with those settings. When you power up the AP with the serial port connected, do you see the apboot startup? If not, check it against another device (ideally another 205 if you have one) to make sure it's not the AP, but we've used 9600 8-n-1 for as long as I've been here on all AP/IAP (older MSRs used different settings years ago but should all be the same now).

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Re: How do I use the console port on an IAP 205?

3 years later


Thank goodness for this thread.


Personally, from this

Switch was connected to the network. Watching for and stopping "autboot" is not dependent on the switch connectivity.

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