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How one can manage MN's MCs from CLI


Just getting started with MM/MC/MNs and etc., being not too much into GUI (hard to reproduce, hard to script) would like to configure everything (at least most of it) from CLI.


I have 2xMM and 2xMC on my lab. Configuring from MM GUI on the MN group level works perfectly - ssid-profile is created and propagated on both MC, wlan virtual-ap and etc.


But if I ssh into MM then I don't see recently created virtual-ap or aaa-profile, or ssid-profile. They are all on MC level, which i can't configure from CLI because of:


(PLA-fwll-MC-1) #configure t
This controller is managed by a Mobility Master.
Configuration changes can only be performed on the Mobility Master.

But if I configure somthing virtual-ap related on MM from terminal - it's also not propagated down to MCs.


So is there a way to configure most of the things (ssids, aps, aaa and etc.) from CLI instead of GUI? How should I perform it?

(I know about 'local-config enable' but it is not a solution :) )


Thank you!



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Re: How one can manage MN's MCs from CLI

Please see here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKiyXF4_uBw&index=7&list=PLsYGHuNuBZcatGA1POy6iVpVlDTLYzNFE&t=0s


EDIT: Long Story short, you can create things at a number of levels.  If you create something above the mobility controllers, any controllers lower in the heirarchy inherit that configuration.  You can override that or create things at the Mobility Controller level by doing CD <path>.  Type "

show configuration node-hierarchy 

to see what nodes you can CD into to configure things only on that mobility controller.  To see where configuration is inherited from type

show configuration effective detail

 to see where a configuration was first applied.

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Re: How one can manage MN's MCs from CLI

I new there should be somthing like that!! :)


The only thing to Aruba is why do they call Managed Network (as on GUI) with /md (Managed Devices?).


Everything else will require much more attention than i used to, but it will work! :)


Thank you cjoseph, you saved my day! :)


Re: How one can manage MN's MCs from CLI

we do less to make the CLI more 'presentable' in terms of contexual descriptions, and you're correct, /md is 'managed devices', but in the GUI we want to create a more tree-like simple descriptive appearance so it's called 'Managed Network'.



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