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How to Combine 2 different subnets under 1 ssid


             I wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right direction.  Im having a issue with my AP's not passing traffic from Vlan2 (10.2.0.XXX )  while on Wifi . All APs are setup on VLAN1 with 1 SSIS  . While on the LAN all wired PC from vlan2 can move traffice and get to the Internet with no problem. We have a  DHCP server which  is handing out Vlan1 address ( ) to the whole building  but we exceded the block so a new Vlan2  block was made to help with the WiFi connections .  This set up was made before I started . any help would be apprecated .



          Router----Pixi firewall-----Catalyist Switch---- Devices  



Pix Firewall- 5151


Catalyist - cisco WS-C4510


APs 6 - AIR-AP1231G-A-K9



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Re: How to Combine 2 different subnets under 1 ssid

You might want to try getting help from Cisco support.


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Re: How to Combine 2 different subnets under 1 ssid

If it works fine using wiring in try downgrading away from latest

I'm having a simular issue (going to post about that shortly) and kinda working with support on this.


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Re: How to Combine 2 different subnets under 1 ssid

Where does Aruba fits into your infrastructure?  As per your equipment list, it's all Cisco gear.


I've worked with the Cisco APs and you will need to make sure that VLAN1 and VLAN2 are defined on the APs if you have the APs in VLAN1 and want to pass client traffic on VLAN2.  If you are using both VLAN1 and VLAN2 for wireless (i.e. APs are in VLAN1 but clients are in VLAN2) you need to make sure to trunk both VLANs to each of the APs.  Otherwise this will not work.


An easier solution would be to place all APs in VLAN2 but will require you to change the IPs of all APs if they are using static IPs.


And as Colin pointed out, you are probably better off reaching out to Cisco Support.


Good luck.



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Re: How to Combine 2 different subnets under 1 ssid

My experience with Cisco is that they require 1 SSID per VLAN - I don't believe they support mapping 1 SSID to multiple VLANs.



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