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How to Enable Tri-Radio Mode on AP555

ArubaOS Version:
AP-555 which is 802.11ax AP with 8X8:8SS 5GHz radio and 4X4:4SS 2.4Ghz radio.



In Tri-radio mode, the 8x8 5GHz radio is split into two independent 4x4 5GHz radios and is supported from 8.6 code.
Split 5Ghz Mode Radio 0 will operate on channels 36 to 64. Radio 2 will operate on channels 100 to 165.


Split 5Ghz radio can be in the following modes:
1. Both 5GHz radios to provide wireless access for clients.
2. One radio to provide wireless access, second radio acts as an AirMontior/SpectrumMonitor.
3. Both radios act as AirMonitors or SpectrumMonitors.


Power Consumption:
I have connected both E0 and E1 of AP555 to a 2930M Switch (1/35, 1/36)

Remember to configure lacp on the switch

trunk 1/35-1/36 trk2 lacp
LLDP Info and Power allocatedLLDP_PoE.jpg


Verifying Power Usage from the Controller Side:

show ap debug system-status ap-name <AP-name>

Power_Consumption from APside.jpg


By default the AP-555 operates in dual radio mode which means that the 5GHz radio is configured for 8*8:8 SS.

Radio 0 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients: AP:5GHz-HE:64-/21.0/23.0/0
Radio 1 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients: AP:2.4GHz-HE:1/12.0/29.4/1

2 radios.jpg


Enabling Tri-Radio support:
In the AP-Group, Goto AP System Profile and change
Dual 5Ghz mode to Disabled

Split 5Ghz Mode to Enabled.AP-System_Profile.jpg


While enabling Tri-radio support, AP doesn't reboot.

Radio gets reset and Radio LED turns blue
Now the 5Ghz radio is split into two 4X4:4 radios and you can see 3 radios(2 x 5Ghz and 1 X 2.4Ghz) are servicing clients.3 radios.jpg

Radio 0 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients: AP:5GHz-HE:64-/21.0/23.0/1
Radio 1 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients: AP:2.4GHz-HE:1/12.0/29.4/0
Radio 2 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients: AP:5GHz-HE:112-/18.0/26.8/0




Hope you find this post useful !

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